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Das Cover unserer CD – Jugendsünden


  1. 4th Love Affair
  2. The Beer Baby
  3. Lonesome in the Night without you
  4. Willers Diddler
  5. Silly Little Lady
  6. More than I can say
  7. I don`t wannt to be a tennisplayin shitface
  8. Rockabilly Star
  9. Streets of Elmshorn
  10. I don`t want to be a soldier anymore
  11. Lost in Love
  12. Ich nahm den falschen Weech nachhaus
  13. On the run
  14. I have to leave the Graveyard
  15. Is this wrong, Baby ?
  16. Time is changing beautiness
  17. I wont die as long my music`s still alive
  18. 280 Daimlercar
  19. Woman, oh Woman
  20. I feel fine
  21. Lookin`for a Bottle
  22. Burnin for your love
  23. Rockabilly Heartache
  24. She doesn`t love me anymore
  25. This Evenin
  26. Don`t sit on my cigar
  27. Zwischenpilog
  28. Another drunken Night
  29. Shake him with your hand

Erschienen auf CD im Jahr 1993